Cameraman With Full HD/4K Camera Package


Welcome to the home page of Brian Dentz. I shoot documentary, television news, corporate video and reality TV.

Contact info:     USA Cell Phone:  347-423-5521

Recent projects I worked on include: The Diplomat (HBO), Miss Sharon Jones! (Barbara Kopple, Director), I Need A Dodge! Joe Strummer On The Run (various European Film Festivals) and Light In The Darkness (POV, PBS.)

I’m based in New York City and I speak Spanish and English. I have a valid passport and have shot video around the world.

I own a full CAMERA PACKAGE, including the Sony PXW-FS7, which shoots 4K as well as many flavors of HD.

At YouTube Space NY setting up the 360 Jump camera

I’ve dived into the frontier, working with VR 360 video. The above photo is of me training on the Google Jump 360 Stereo Camera. Watch some of my 360 projects on my YouTube channel here.  For the best experience please view with Google Cardboard or any 360 headset device.

Please have a look at my CV and videos here on my little corner of the web.